The Hunter becomes the Hunter

Big news on bikes.

We’ve had the biggest leap in the planning stages so far as we met a new Ben, and he’s giving us a bike. We can’t say too much as it is a currently unreleased model, but our dear friend Ben of Hunter Motorcycles Australia is quite literally given us wheels. We’re sorry to say goodbye to Doris, (she’s not going anywhere) but boy gosh darn are we excited to meet the monster that Hunter has in store for us.


The original founder of Hunter Motorcycles had a vision. He grew up riding Triumphs and Harleys, building custom choppers and partying hard with his mates. As his own kids came of road riding license age, and with the law closing in on cool custom bikes, he decided to do something about the lack of choice in motorcycles you’d be proud to be seen riding.

In 2014, the founder decided to transition into retirement, handing over the reins of Hunter Motorcycles to Ben and his partner Trudy. A whole 6+ tonne of spare parts were shipped from home base in NSW over to the new owners in Western Australia, where Hunter Motorcycles is now located. As long time riders themselves, Ben & Trudy are continuing the tradition of bringing the best Learner Legal bikes to the people of Australia. Their dedication to customer service is second to none, and with them the passion and love of Hunter Motorcycles lives on, as a legacy to one mans dream.



In short, we’re now much better equipped to handle the journey thanks to Ben and Hunter Motorcycles. He also hooked us up with some dardy jackets. I don’t just mean dardy in appearance, but if the apocalypse were to happen, this would be my jacket of choice, no doubt.

Big thanks to Ben and to Hunter Motorcycles, the Journey is really heating up.