Basically, going for a big ride.

Going from one side of the earth to another, for a good cause.

A very, very long lunch…

We’ve heard of long lunches, but this one is ridiculous – 25,000 km’s and 30 countries long.

Ben is a food enthusiast with a thirst for travel. In 2017 he was selected as a contestant for Masterchef Australia 2017. Out of thousands and thousands Ben made it into the top 20 amateur cooks in Australia. It was this experience that ignited Ben’s passion for food and re-established what was important to him. It was now or never – was he going to pursue a lifelong dream, or let it slip idly by?

For the last few years Ben had been a little down in the dumps – feeling uninspired, disconnected and generally lost. Ben had found himself with little to look forward to and little to engage with. The quotidian 9 – 5 was starting to take its toll and the Black Dog had bitten hard.

Too often the pressures of life hold people back from doing what they really want to do. If you don’t follow your dreams, if you don’t pursue your passions, you are destined to remain unfulfilled – and there is no greater torment. That frustration and helplessness is a primary contributor to depression, disconnection from society and drug and alcohol abuse. How do you break that cycle?

Depression and suicide are the taboo topic of politics and healthcare. There are more than twice as many suicides in Australia each year than there are road deaths – for every advertising campaign on speeding, we should see twice as many on depression. It’s time to start talking about it, and it’s time to start helping each other.

One of the most important measures in combating depression and substance abuse is to find engagement, to find direction – to shake off the shackles of whatever is holding you back and do what truly makes you happy. It might be writing that book, taking that trip, joining that local knitting club. We all have that one burning desire – that “what if”, but so few are ever realised. And that’s just what Ben has done.

This journey is to send a message: if you have a dream, follow it. Pursue your passion. Have a go – nothing is impossible, and this solo motorbike food adventure around the world to prove it.

Kris  Kristofferson recounts a quote from William Blake “if he who is organised by the divine for spiritual communion refuse and bury his talent in the earth, even though he should want natural bread, sorrow and desperation will pursue him throughout life, and after death shame and confusion are faced to eternity directionless”.

This is a hell of a ride with an important message – go out and have a go, pursue your true passion.

Want to contribute?

This ride is in support of Beyond Blue who do exceptional work in the field of depression and suicide awareness. We ask that anyone interested in making a cash donation to the project do so to Beyond Blue. Anyone wishing to support the ride itself with donations of tools, services or equipment is also welcomed and greatly appreciated. It’s a fairly costly exercise, but we think the cause is worth it!