Masterchef Australia contestant Ben Bullock is about to embark on an adventure like no other – a food journey that will take him half way around the world on a Hunter motorcycle from Perth, Western Australia to Perth, Scotland. Ben’s route takes him through Southeast Asia, the Himalaya’s, Middle East and Europe, where he will be tasting, discovering and preparing all of the new and exciting regional dishes that he comes across – make sure to check out the cooking videos and recipes from his Blog.

This is going to be one hell of a challenge, and that’s where the important message behind this ride comes in. No challenge is too great – whatever life tosses up, you can make it through, and this 30,000km round-the-world motorbike ride to prove it. From Perth to Perth is an Australian Registered Charity partnered with Beyond Blue. We are raising funds and awareness on depression and suicide prevention. This ride has developed out of some dark days that Ben was going through, feeling lost, disengaged and aimless. This ride looks to send a message and inspire people to go out “become involved” and “have a go”.

Becoming “engaged” and “involved” is one of the best ways to beat the Black Dog. Whatever it is you’ve wanted to have a go at – do it. Doesn’t have to be a motorbike ride, it could be footy, dancing, music or paper maché hats – grab it with both hand’s and get stuck in. A huge shout out to the legends at Hunter Motorcycles who are supplying the steed and all other sponsors. All donations go straight to supporting mental health initiatives. So here we go – Ewan McGregor, eat your heart out!

From Perth to Perth (ABN: 84 199 239 849) is a registered Australian charity. Donations are 100% tax deductible and support mental health initiatives.

Wouldn't mind a hand?

Want to lend a hand to a damn fine cause? This project isn’t exactly cheap and we’ll need all the help we can to cross the finish line. If you would like to offer tools, equipment, services, knowledge or help in any way – we would welcome you with open arms. We are an Australian Registered Charity and the ride is absolutely non-for-profit. Donations through From Perth to Perth are tax deductible.

Please also check out our Sponsors who have put their hand up to make this happen. These legends deserve your business!


Who's the idiot?

Ben’s the guy on the bike. What do we know about him? Not much. Will he make it? Not sure. Will he throw his heart and soul into it? Definitely.

What we also know about Ben is that he is a passionate guy. He loves everything and everyone. He has a special penchant for food and the way that it brings people together. He also loves travel, a good red and a hearty beard.

Ben also loves a good chat – so keep in contact via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and if you have any special requests on towns, regions or dishes along the way, let us know and we’ll see if we can swing by!

About Ben

Beyond Blue is an incredible organisation doing amazing work on a troubling issue. We think pledging on a “per km” basis sounds fun, doesn’t it? Let’s see how many Ben can rack up!!

$1.00 per 100km’s will be a donation of around $250. At just 10c every 100km’s the donation will be $25. No contribution is too great or small.

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